What Is the Most Effective Way to Style Culottes for a UK Spring Day?

What do you wear when the sun is shining, but there's still a chill in the air? That's the question on every fashionista's mind as spring approaches in the UK. It's a season of transition, where layers are essential, and versatility is key. This is the perfect weather to showcase your culottes. These wide-legged, cropped trousers are a versatile piece that can take you from chilly mornings to warm afternoons in style.

Breaking Down the Culottes Trend

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of styling, let's break down exactly what we mean when we talk about culottes. This term may bring to mind images of 18th-century French aristocrats, but in today's fashion world, culottes are a type of women's trousers. They're typically ankle-length or calf-length, with a wide leg that can sometimes give the illusion of a skirt.

Culottes are a staple in many capsule wardrobes due to their versatility. They can be dressed up or down easily, making them a great choice for both office wear and casual weekend outfits. In addition, culottes are universally flattering, working well on all body types and sizes.

While culottes have been around in various forms for centuries, they've seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Designers are loving the wide-legged look, and culottes are often seen on the runways during fashion week. They're a style statement, but also an incredibly practical and comfortable choice of pants.

Styling Culottes for a UK Spring Day

When it comes to wearing culottes in the spring, the key is layering and pairing with the right top. During this season, the weather can change quickly, so you want to ensure your outfit can adapt.

During the day, as the sun starts to warm things up, you could pair your culottes with a light, flowy shirt. For example, a white blouse with a little bit of detailing would look great tucked into a pair of navy culottes. Add a lightweight scarf and a pair of ballet flats to complete the look.

If the temperature drops, layering will come to your rescue. You can add a slim-fitting, lightweight jumper over your shirt. Opt for a jumper that hits at the waist to keep the emphasis on the wide cut of your culottes.

Culottes: Denim or Fabric?

When choosing culottes for your wardrobe, you'll often find two main materials: denim and fabric. Both have their advantages, and the choice will depend on your personal style and what you feel most comfortable wearing.

Denim culottes are a popular choice, and they're great for a more casual look. Denim is a heavier material, which can give your culottes a more structured look. Pair these with a basic T-shirt and trainers for an effortless weekend outfit.

On the other hand, fabric culottes can be more formal and are often more suitable for office wear. Fabrics like linen, crepe, or silk can give your culottes a more elegant and flowing appearance. Pair these with a fitted blouse and heels for a polished look.

The Best Footwear to Pair with Culottes

The shoes you pair with your culottes can make a big difference to your overall look. In general, the rule of thumb is to opt for a shoe that shows a bit of ankle. This helps to balance out the wide leg and cropped length of the culottes.

In spring, a pair of loafers or ballet flats can work well. These types of shoes are comfortable and versatile, making them a great choice for everyday wear. For a more formal look, try pairing your culottes with a pair of heels or wedges. These can help to elongate your silhouette and add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Embrace the Trend

Culottes are a fashion trend that's here to stay. They're versatile, flattering, and perfect for a UK spring day. Whether you're dressing for work or heading out for a casual day out, you'll love the comfort and style these pants offer. So why not give them a try? Get creative with your styling and have fun experimenting with different tops, footwear, and accessories. You'll soon find that culottes are a valuable and stylish addition to your spring wardrobe.

Chic Roll Neck and Culottes Combo

One of the most chic and popular ways to style culottes during transitional seasons like spring is with a roll neck. This combination is a fashionable nod to both warmth and style.

When you think of a roll neck, you might picture a chunky knit and assume it's too warm for spring. However, roll necks come in various weights and fabrics. For spring, opt for a lightweight, thin roll neck that won't cause you to overheat.

When wearing culottes, your top's choice can make or break the look. A fitted roll neck is a fantastic option. It balances out the wide leg of the culottes and creates a sleek silhouette. Choose a roll neck in a neutral colour like black, white or beige for maximum versatility.

Pair this ensemble with a pair of heels to elongate your legs and offset the cropped length of the culottes. A crisp white shirt layered under the roll neck can add a sophisticated touch for office wear. Remember, the goal is to keep the top half of your outfit streamlined to balance out the volume of the culottes.

Whether you're working from home or heading to the office, this chic roll neck and culottes combination is a great way to look stylish and remain comfortable. Don't hesitate to experiment with different colour combinations and accessories. A statement necklace or a pair of statement earrings can add a touch of personality to your outfit.

Princess Kate and the Culottes Trend

If you're still unsure about how to wear culottes, you can always look to fashion icons for inspiration. Princess Kate is known for her impeccable style and is often seen wearing culottes.

During her visit to the Chelsea Flower Show, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a pair of navy culottes with a white shirt. The outfit was simple, but the choice of a crisp white shirt gave it an undeniably chic edge. She completed the look with a pair of white trainers, proving that culottes can be dressed down for a casual occasion, too.

This look can easily be replicated and adjusted to fit your style. If you prefer a more formal appearance, swap the trainers for a pair of heels. Alternatively, if you're aiming for a relaxed weekend look, opt for a simple white T-shirt instead of a blouse.

To add a pop of colour to your culottes outfit, take inspiration from Princess Kate's other culottes looks. She's been spotted wearing culottes in bold colours like red and green. Don't shy away from experimenting with different colours and patterns. After all, fashion is about expressing your personality and having fun.


Culottes are a versatile and stylish addition to your wardrobe, particularly during the transitional seasons like spring. Whether you prefer a chic roll neck or a crisp white shirt, there's no shortage of ways to wear culottes. Take inspiration from fashion trends and icons like Princess Kate and make the look your own. Remember, the key to nailing this look is balance. Pair your culottes with a fitted top and a pair of heels to create a flattering silhouette. So why not embrace this trend and start experimenting with different ways to style your culottes? Whether you're heading to the office or enjoying a casual weekend, culottes offer you comfort and style. With the right pairings, you can make a strong fashion statement this UK spring season.